Free yourself from emails

Powered by AI and built to supercharge your current workflow

Email Integration

Work where you’re comfortable, directly inside your Gmail inbox

Automated Service

Automatically draft the best responses to customer inquiries

Smart Forwarding

If action is required, automatically forward the email to the right people

Continuously Improving

Learning from your responses to respond to similar inquiries in the future

Promptly’s easy and intelligent customer service tool

Trained on the best customer service emails and your existing knowledge base

More Features

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Integrate with your email

Connect to your existing personal or business Gmail account


Connect your knowledge base

Promptly extracts useful information, whether it's from a website or document


Watch the magic in action

Promptly begins to automatically create responses to customer inquiries

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The missing piece to your CRM

Designed to work for your customers

Powered by advanced AI models
Automatically update knowledge base
Integration with help desks solutions

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